Keep On Shining – About this track

I really love Buddy Guy. The man, whilst not always in time, or in tune, is absolutely deliberate. For a young guitar player, getting into blues, he takes a bit of getting used to.

The fact is, he means to do all of those things.

One of my favourite Buddy tracks is┬áSomeone Else Is Steppin’ In:


I used to play this in an old band, and it was so tough! This is the groove and mic I was going for with Keep On Shining. I also love Robert Cray, and believe it of not, the chorus sections of Keep On Shining, with the spoken words, came about as a result of listening to many Robert Cray Tracks. I was also thinking of Kim Wilson in the choruses – particularly from “Walk That Walk Talk That Talk” (a phenomenal forward thinking blues record).

The solo in this track was actually a laugh whist I was waiting to record rhythm at the end, and I ended up keeping it. The whole song came together easily, but I left it for about a year before attempting the vocals. In that time, I’d become completely used to the track being instrumental, and was tempted to leave it that way.

One day, I decided to have a stab at the vocals, and did the main vocal on most of the verses. That evening in the pub, I remember talking to my old man about the takes we’d done, and I was really annoyed that the track was weak. We discussed scrapping it altogether. The next day, I recorded the harmonies in the choruses… Its transformed the track. Now its one of my absolute favourites.